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LAUNCH FNQ is inviting entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups and investors from all over Australia to attend the world-first Tropical Innovation Festival, taking place directly on the Great Barrier Reef in June.


The week-long festival will bring together a range of businesspeople from all over the country to provide invaluable access to advice, education and networking.

Innovators have the chance to learn in the heart of the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef in a world-first event that sees masterclasses take place on a dive boat.

Event Manager Kate Montgomery says the unconventional approach to the event offers unique connections.

“We’ve found that some of the best experiences at conferences come from the more relaxed moments,” says Kate. “That’s when you develop those really great connections, because you’ve had fun and shared an experience with somebody.”

“That’s why we had this dream about the entrepreneurs on the reef – we’re going to mix the education with the experience. You could be diving with an investor or having a chat with someone who specialises in media.

With more than 50 events and world-class speakers, the Tropical Innovations Festival boasts contributions from global entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and more.

Program Manager Tara Diversi says it’s a rare opportunity to showcase the region to such high calibre guests.

“We’ve got people committed from Western Australia through to Adelaide and Melbourne, including our keynote speakers Cathie Reid, a self-made billionaire from the Icon Group; Glen Richard of former Shark Tank fame; and Dr Sarah Pearson, the DDG of Innovate Queensland,” she says.

Kate says attendees can take part in their choice of workshops, masterclasses, networking events, pitching opportunities, mentoring sessions and more over the seven days.

The festival will run from June 7 – 13.

To purchase tickets, go to

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